I don’t think I ever posted my 2nd year film on here- so I am now. The animation isn’t great but I had fun making it.

watch jason’s 2nd year film from 2012! he’s always been making cool things!

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2nd Year film at CalArts!

Two lost siblings make their way from Mexico City to the City of Angels.

Inspired by my mom’s story of moving to Los Angeles with her family, and my connection to the colorful culture of a Mexican American. Happy Cinco De Mayo!


LOLLY!!!!!! todays cinco de mayo you should watch this. you should watch this everyday 


Here’s my third year film at CalArts! Thank you so much to everyone who helped me along the process!! :)

yon’s film so cute so good!! watch it!!

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BFA2 student Erin Kim's film Bugged.

erin is excellent! she made something really excellent!! watch it everyone


My 4th year film at cal arts is now online!

A scorpion hating scorpion slaying mouse passes out in the desert, and finds himself revisiting his childhood days through a mirage. Our tiny nomad slowly remembers his origins, and what had shaped him the way he is now.

toniko is always great!!! watch his film!

There's a Man in the Woods from Jacob Streilein on Vimeo.


Here’s my 4th year Calarts film! 

jacob’s film is insane


hey everyone, here’s my film!! i like to call the tall guy swill, and the lil short one guz. i hope you enjoy it!!

stevie’s film is hilarious, never fails to make me laugh! so good you gotta watch!!!


BFA4 student Ricky Cometa’s lovely film Corridors. Check out more of Ricky’s work on his tumblr and website.

RICKYYYY ricky’s film was one of my favorites this year!!! make sure you watch it and check out his tumblr!! go ricky go!


My 2nd year film at Calarts is complete!! A naive frog girl wants to play in the rain, but her friends consider that plan childish and seek out a more “mature” option. Hope you enjoy! I worked super hard on it!

Also huge thanks to my friends on here that provided the great voice acting (Tracy Liang, Leslie Hung, Geneva Hodsgon, Frank Gibson and William Gibbons) as well as the people that helped color scenes (Tera, Marcia, Melissa, Tracy) and a huge thanks to William again for his incredible music! 

good job ryann!!! watch ryann’s film

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